Common fault and solutions of the ultrasonic cleaner

Please do not start the machine if no any water and solution in the ultrasonic cleaner tank, to avoid the air vibration. Or the vibration head will damage easily. Therefore, please use and operate the ultrasonic cleaner correctly.

Common fault and eliminating methods

Switch on the ultasonic cleaner , No LED indicator ,No ultrasonic.
Cause: Power socket is Ok, no electricity input. (ACFU)Fuse burned-out.
Switch on the ultasonic cleaner, LED indicator light on, No ultrasonic.
Cause: The connection plug between the transducer and the ultrasonic power board is loosen or not ? DCFU fuses burned out ; Ultrasonic power generator fault ?transducer fault ?
The ultrasonic cleaner DC fuse burned-out
Cause: The rectifier bridge stack or power tube burn-out ?Transducer fault
Switch on the ultasonic cleaner,Ultrsonic is working , but cleaning effect is not good.
Cause: Is the cleaning liquid enough? The cleaning liquid temperature too high /too low; Improper selection of cleaning fluid; Ultrasonic generator aging out.

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