How to customize ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the requirements

Sometimes standard models of ultrasonic cleaners can’t meet your demand,it is necessary to customize the ultrasonic cleaning machine.
What do you need to consider for a custom ultrasonic cleaner?

1.The tank material of ultrasonic cleaner.
The main material in the market is 304 stainless stee. 316 stainless steel is recommended if weak acid and alkali resistance is required. For strong acid and alkali resistance,titanium plate is recommend. Please pay attention to if they matche between the cleaning fluid and the tank material

2.Tank size
Customize the tank according to the size of the item to be cleaned and the quantity of each cleaning. DKSONIC can customize the size according to your requirement.

3.Ultrasonic power
Ultrasonic power determines the cleaning intensity. Usually the manufacturer will calculate a standard power to meet the normal cleaning. But for some special objects,ultrasonic power can be increased.

4. Frequency
The higher frequency, the lower intensity and the stronger penetration. The smaller the frequency, the stronger intensity, and the weaker penetration.The most common frequency on the market are 40KHz and 28KHz. if you want to clean the small items with much blind hole, you can choose ultrasonic cleaner with 40KHz. If need to clean the surface, 28KHz is better.

5.Heating power
Heating power is important for removing oil and wax. Generally speaking, it takes half an hour to heat water. Heating power can be enhanced.

6.Overall size
After confirming the tank size, the overall size is determined. But you can choose where the transducer is placed,this will affect the final size of the product.

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