How to clean the circuit board with ultrasonic cleaner?

All electronic devices have the so-called circuit board, connecting one part to others to make sure that they are functioning well. Over time, dust or dirt can accumulate in the PCB, making it vulnerable to damages. Regular cleaning is necessary if you want your devices to run and operate normally.

As the name suggest, ultrasonic cleaning involves ultrasound waves set between 20 KHz and 400 KHz, along with special solvent or soap solution. If you are using a machine, the solution will be poured into the machine and the PCB will be dipped into it for around 3 to 6 minutes. The machine and this kind of cleaning can also be used to clean watch parts, jewelry, optical parts, surgical instruments, or coins.

Please kindly note that the heating function can’t be used for the circuit board, because the general cleaning of circuit board is the use of alcohol, and alcohol is very volatile, if the heating volatile speed will greatly increase the cost, and easy to cause spermy poisoning.

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